Vehicle Design and Development

Pico offers a full range of oscilloscopes and data loggers suitable for design, development, system integration and testing. We also offer NVH and shaft balancing kits as well as a range of pressure sensors and accessories such as current clamps. Our support team is always ready to answer any questions about your specific requirements.

Automotive oscilloscope kits

auto-oscilloscopeFor any engineers working on the design of electronic systems, one of the standard automotive oscilloscope kits is ideal. These kits can be expanded to measure NVH, perform shaft balancing or test pressure. As standard they can decode the following serial protocols:

  • CAN bus
  • LIN bus
  • FlexRay
  • SENT

There are obvious advantages to using the same tools to help develop vehicles as the dealer network uses to diagnose and repair. Many vehicle manufacturers have taken advantage of this and especially in the early days of a new model’s introduction the ability to send waveforms and data back from the field has proved invaluable.

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Full range of PicoScope oscilloscopes

As well as automotive oscilloscopes, Pico manufacture a wide range of PC oscilloscopes to suit the most demanding applications. These are less suited for general diagnostic work and more to specialist R&D. Models are available with the following characteristics:

  • Bandwidths up to 20 GHz for RF measurements
  • TDR / TDT options for connector & loom characterization
  • Optical inputs
  • Resolutions to 16 bits for audio and NVH testing
  • Memory depths to 2 GS for long captures at high speeds
  • Up to 8 analog channels and 16 digital channels

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PicoLog data loggers

PicoLog data loggers are suited to multichannel measurement of voltage, current, pressure, acceleration, temperature and other quantities. Multiple units can be used on the same PC allowing a “mix and match” of different sensor types. Models are available with:

  • Thermocouple temperature inputs for wide temperature ranges (exhaust headers, turbos)
  • PT-100 temperature inputs for accurate temperature measurements (cabin, calibration)
  • High-speed voltage input with up to 16 channels
  • High resolution (24-bit) and accuracy
  • Current measurement and logging

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