Tüm Ürünlerimiz

60 MHz Oscilloscope Probe

This high-quality general purpose oscilloscope probe has a 60 MHz bandwidth. A two-position slide switch allows attenuation of either x1 or x10 to be selected.

Mixmaster secondary ignition pickups (pack of 4)

Additional pack of 4 short secondary ignition leads for the Mixmaster.

Series C4

Series C4

600 A DC (high amps) current clamp

The TA019 current clamp is ideal for use with a PicoScope automotive oscilloscope to display starter current waveforms, charging currents and for performing quick compression tests.

Small Crocodile/Gator Clips

The crocodile clips are fully insulated with a 4 mm socket in the handle, offering an easy connection to one of our premium test leads.

3-pin Kostal connector breakout lead

This connector breakout lead enables you to take voltage readings from the numerous sensors and actuators in the engine compartment.

10:1 Attenuator

Yüksek bant genişliği ve hata koruma özelliğiyle 10:1 attenuator (zayıflatıcı;) yakıt enjektörü ve birincil ateşleme sinyallerini PicoScope osiloskobu kullanarak görmek için tasarlanmıştır.

HT Extension Lead (set of 4 leads)

HT extension leads are the simple accessory that allow you to take accurate secondary ignition measurements on COP ignition systems.

Series C8

Series C8

200 A / 2000 A (high amps) DC current clamp

The 200 A / 2000 A current clamp allows you to measure up to 2000 amps without cutting, or disconnecting or stripping wires. Simply clamp the jaws around the cable to be tested and plug the clamp into your PicoScope.

Battery Clip

These plier-type clips are designed for connection to the vehicle battery terminals and fit all our BNC-to-4 mm test leads.